Purity Ring: Womb

The Rebirth of Freezing

When Heaven freezes over and plummets to Earth, it will sound like Purity Ring. And the subsequent nuclear winter will be a manifestation of their third album, Womb. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be rescued by wolves in a blizzard and nurtured on the teet of Mother Lupus, suckling the pap of an untamed spirit, this album is a close approximation.

Megan James sings with her usual treacle laced euphoria, vocals saturated with reverb, delay, and crystalizer. My fascination never wanes regarding her immaculate mastery of voice and how the liberally applied vocal effects compliment her singing, really completing the overall Purity Ring aesthetic.

Instrumentally speaking, Corin Roddick has strayed away from the overt trappiness of Another Eternity, allowing the ethereal more space to stretch its wings. The drums are a little more understated, giving the melodies room to pilot the listener through snowdrifts of mutating synths and pumping bass. The pace of Womb allows for breaths between bangers. There are still plenty of dreamy Witch House anthems to dance naked under a full moon to, but the other songs promise a magical evolution in their music at a Pokemon level.

Check out “I Like the Devil” and “Stardew”. 7.6 stars

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