Cocorosie: Put the Shine On, The Original Gothboi Folkgirls

Talk about a band that subverts and transcends at every curve! I encourage people to listen to Cocorosie for a purely musical experience, if that’s what you’re into, but, also, as a challenge. My mind can’t stay focused on any one aspect without wandering tangentially through labyrinthine hedge mazes; meditations on gender roles, commercial agendas, American family values, and DIY folk aesthetics in queer hip-hop.

Their reliance on stripped down drums (beatboxing and keyboard drum machines), children’s instruments, and left field sampling, though innovative, runs the risk of exhausting the originality of their compositions and becoming self-cannibalistic and self-derivative. It’s true that many of Bianca’s lyrical themes (crows and depricating sexual encounters) resurface on a few tracks, but, overall, Put the Shine On is a stand alone masterpiece, just like every other album they’ve made.

Let’s spend a second talking about the song “Restless”. They released a video for it before the album dropped that takes place in a roller rink. Amid the distorted bass slides and Wu-Tang-esque Boom Bap ,Bianca and Ciera skate their way through a cheap, nostalgic 80’s wasteland of long forgotten Americana. The raps feel a little strained, but I don’t really care. Nobody else can pull this shit off. Each new album strikes oil. The portamento synths slide harder than ever before and the squeaky, mushy baby-talk only serves to lull you further into the fog; will-o-the-wisps drawing you to the swamp bottom, where snakes sing vaudeville tunes while they casually wrap their coils around your neck.

Definitely peep “Restless”, “Smash My Head” and for sure, for sure, FOR SURE “Burning Down the House”. 8 stars

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