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Dystopian Dub Discotheque: The Sound System at the End of the World

I originally stumbled across this gem trying to find a way to download Helix Resonator, a dub artist from–I want to say–Waterville, Washington, who would sometimes play the Tonasket Barter Fair, back when I was a little drugged out hoodlum. Now that I am a fully-grown drugged-out hoodlum…er, respectable member of society, I still craveContinue reading “Dystopian Dub Discotheque: The Sound System at the End of the World”

Cyrillic Post-Punk and Beyond!

I have been geeking out hard on this YouTube channel. I’m mostly into the wealth of Russian Goth music, but, really, I’ve just scraped the tip of the bling-berg. The band, Молчат Дома(Molchat Doma), was what initially attracted me to the channel. Something about the unbalanced modern architecture on the album cover gave me theContinue reading “Cyrillic Post-Punk and Beyond!”

All the Other Rad Music That Came Out in 2020

For those readers looking for more than 20 measly albums, I have good news/bad news. There were a bunch of other albums that deserve a listen, maybe do a kung fu workout, and I’ll list them, but I’m not including much in the way of description or links. I feel very romantically towards this listContinue reading “All the Other Rad Music That Came Out in 2020”

Sharp Veins: Armor Your Actions Up in Quest

Treat Yourself to a Crispy Challenge, You’re Worth it! It’s almost hard for me to write about Sharp Veins without getting all goose-fleshed and squirmy. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered another producer who is afflicted/blessed with the same sadomasochistic fascination with uncomfortable, challenging sounds-the smae fascination that is the spinal column of Knowhereland. HarrisonContinue reading “Sharp Veins: Armor Your Actions Up in Quest”

ODESZA & Golden Features: Bronson

Shortcut Through the Dark Cuz I’m a big dork, I have to explain my connection to ODESZA. For those who are not die hard fans (like myself) you might not know that the duo formed in Bellingham by way of Spokane during their time attending Western Washington University (where I’m about to snag a coupleContinue reading “ODESZA & Golden Features: Bronson”

Polymorph: Tenuous Phenomena

Polyamorous? Part 1 After the 7+ albums that Polymorph released in 2019, it’s no surprise that he has continued his relentless aural bombardment throughout 2020. Despite a slew of EPs and Singles, Tenuous Phenomena is the only full length album from Bryar Herrick, AKA Polymorph, this year (so far. There are still a few month’sContinue reading “Polymorph: Tenuous Phenomena”

Cocorosie: Put the Shine On, The Original Gothboi Folkgirls

Talk about a band that subverts and transcends at every curve! I encourage people to listen to Cocorosie for a purely musical experience, if that’s what you’re into, but, also, as a challenge. My mind can’t stay focused on any one aspect without wandering tangentially through labyrinthine hedge mazes; meditations on gender roles, commercial agendas,Continue reading “Cocorosie: Put the Shine On, The Original Gothboi Folkgirls”