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2/16 – Me, myself & I, BF Knowhere, will be playing a rap show at the new Alt Lib on February 29 with: Klefto, IMA, CHRVNS, Hunter Gillam, and Estimate. I’m gonna rock a bunch of live loop production, as well as a couple brand new songs!!!

1/19 – The ever-vigilant homey, Mostafa, just won best Rhymes and Beats at the What’s Up! Magazine Awards last night. Of all of my hippy-hop comrades, Mos is the only one to tour semi-regularly. I have watched the progression of him rapping with his back to the crowd, to moving giant audiences while conducting a live band and dancing across the stage. This award was well earned. Big ups, play boi!

1/18 – Holy Gosh! I’m listening to some new Polymorph right now and it’s grilling my cheese into a frickin’ panini! Check out Flicker Rate and make your girlfriend jealous:

1/15 – We have been getting a healthy amount of snow, up here in the Dirty Dirty North B-ham—healthy, in the sense that schools keep getting canceled and I get to sleep in.

My big things this year thus far are:

  • I just released a collection of ambient, drone and noise tracks that I’ve used in movies and performed in basements, libraries and in the middle of the woods. It’s called “Fever Sweatsuit” and it’s free. Here is a link to it:
  • As soon as I can obtain Chris Neumann’s copy of “The Sub-Conscious Under-Mind”, I intend to re-release that puppy as a half-speed, vapor-wave album. I tested it on a different version and it sounds clutchy nuts.
  • Slowly, but surely, I’m getting digital distribution for all of the music I’ve made that is “sample-free”. So far, Olde Man Winter‘s “Xanth Mixtape” and BF Knowhere‘s “BFKnowldege Is Power” are up and streaming.
  • The DNCC (Dirty North Crunk Collective) is reuniting to finish “Penis-In-Vagina-Time”, and to create one final album, “Gender Fluids”. This incarnation of crunkwar veterans is spread across the state, half of us don’t drink anymore, and a bunch of us are married with kids. Normally, one would worry that the lack of crunk would ruin the music, but let’s be fair. It’s gonna take a whole lot more than tea-totaling, matrimonial parenthood to make the DNCC sound any worse than we already did. And I love a challenge.
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