About your Best Friend Knowhere

I never really could settle on a form of self expression. I have rapped and sang and recited poetry. I have painted and penned and glued magazine clippings to giant sheets of butcher paper. I’ve have written stories and plays and movies. Lately, what fills my bucket is DJing on KZAX, digging for deep cut electronica and holding my breath for the hottest new underground banger to show up on a playlist. It’s because I can play my own music and it makes sense, but even more importantly, I can play my friends’ music. It’s because commercial radio tells one narrative that isn’t representative of the entire American experience. I get two hours a week to play what I think is tight and relevant. But clearly, that’s not nearly enough time to say what I want. This blog isn’t exactly supplementary material. My favorite Radioinactive album is called “Soundtrack To A Book”, so, we’ll say this a Blogtrack To A Sound. Even though that’s looks totally ridiculous now that I’ve typed it out. Oh well.

Word on the street:

I don’t own khakis but I’ll figure something out.


So it’s bad. It’s good. It’s artistic.

Chris “Freebird” Newmann

BF Knowhere? The name sounds familiar.


Let’s fuck some shit up.

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