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Cyrillic Post-Punk and Beyond!

I have been geeking out hard on this YouTube channel. I’m mostly into the wealth of Russian Goth music, but, really, I’ve just scraped the tip of the bling-berg. The band, Молчат Дома(Molchat Doma), was what initially attracted me to the channel. Something about the unbalanced modern architecture on the album cover gave me the feeling that the music attached to it might be nihilistic and depressing so I gave it a shot. My assumption was pleasantly confirmed and I keep coming back for more. Molchat Doma is a newish band, but they could pass as straight out of the eighties. They do the genre of Post-Punk justice, although I don’t speak Russian, so I have to assume that their lyrics are as legit as I think they are.

Image result for молчат дома - этажи

The other three bands I’ve discovered on this channel are: Конец Электроники (Konets Elektroniki), Morwan, both Post-Punk, and ШТАДТ (Stadt), Industrial. Harikari Diat has a wide range of underground punk music from all over the world, so if that’s your thing I recommend losing an evening or two pouring through their collection. It has brought me nothing but unbridled joy and tears. May you find whatever emotional stimulus you’re looking for, as well.

Image result for Конец Электроники
Image result for morwan

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