All the Other Rad Music That Came Out in 2020

Nothing Has Changed [Explicit]

For those readers looking for more than 20 measly albums, I have good news/bad news. There were a bunch of other albums that deserve a listen, maybe do a kung fu workout, and I’ll list them, but I’m not including much in the way of description or links. I feel very romantically towards this list of artists and I wish they had been in the tippy, but at least they’re in the toppy. First, some Rap and R&B albums that I bump whenever I practice my spinning flying back kicks: Varsi – Nothing Has Changed, Tkay Maidza -Last Year Was Weird Vol. 2, Megan Thee Stallion – Suga, The Weeknd – After Hours, Hash Adams – afterthoughts, and Dose One – G is for JOB. Bohren and the Club Der Gore – Patchouli Blue is a fine specimen of Doom Jazz, if you fancy slow dystopian lounge music. Sylvan Esso released a new LP as well as a live album, WITH and Free Love. Nine Inch Nails tacked on numbers V (Together) and VI (Locusts)to the Ghosts instrumentals series, . I didn’t know that I was into Cyrillic Post-Punk until I heard Molchat Doma and their new album, Monument, is conducive to learning the knife hand strike as well as the spinning back fist. Electronica is my jam-bag. Some of my favorite flavors for 2020 are: Yaeji – What We Drew, WMD – Saudade, Willdabeast – Still Standing EP, Sufjan Stevens – The Ascension, Squarepusher – Be Up A Hello, The Orb – Abolition of the Royal Familia, Health – DISCO 4 :: Part 1, and Caribou – Suddenly. I’ve been looking through everybody else’s lists, and so far all I’ve got to say is Moses Sumney, Moses Sumney…Moses Sumney!

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