Willdabeast: Still Standing EP

Back to the Return of Future Funk!

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this album to bang quite as hard as it does. I don’t mean that as a slight to Will Glazier or Daniel de Lisle–these boys never fail to show up to work with their knives sharp–it’s just that the past several releases from Willdabeast have followed the basic future funk formulas set in place by Griz and they don’t tend to stray much from that path. Still Standing, however, goes hard in the muthafunkin’ paint and gets pretty goddamn trappy, too! There are moments, too, where I can’t help but imagine myself naked in the river at Summer Meltdown, that jammy Snug Harbor vibe sneaking in underneath the subs and claps.

Although this EP is missing the usual roster of Bham vocal talent, I can’t help but love the pants off of it. I feel like Will has finally transcended future-funk and created something brand new. His and Daniel’s horns have always added such a brash bravado to each song, but now the other instruments are given equal footing and the result is revolutionary. I miss hearing Sinclair Hucke and there could be 1000% more local rappers featured (LOL), but the truth is Still Standing will have you knocking your head till you snap your neck off, if your not careful. Fingers crossed that this dubstep/trap aesthetic that is the foundation of this album is the direction Willdabeast is headed in the future. If so, you’ve got my vote for the Super Bowl.

Definitely get down to “Endangered Minds” and “Pound Sand.” “Forgive Me” kinda reminds me of that TNGHT song, “Higher Ground,” so, yeah, bump that one, too. 7.0 stars

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