My Liege…

I took this pic on my iphone at The Vera Project on October 22

Like so many of my favorite artists over the years (The Knife, CocoRosie, MIA, Goldfrapp, etc.) I learned about Dorian Electra from my wonderful friend bEe, so props to the homie. You haven’t steered me wrong, yet. A quick jaunt through Dorian’s Youtube catalog and I was smitten. They are gorgeous as a man and handsome as a woman. They fight their way to the top with armor and sword, a fine combination of dance club, queer culture, comedy and heart.

I urge the interested to come down to The Crocodile in Seattle on March 12, to see Dorian in the flesh. Their live set spins the Disney princess’s arena shows on their head (yes, I recognize that this a supremely awkward sentence, but it stays). At this point in their career, there isn’t money to fund an extravagant Spears-esque/Gomez-ish tour, but the key elements are maintained: Imaginative costumes and make-up; sexy androgynous dancers; sweet choreographed moves; psychedelic visual projections; lights & lasers; and there might be some singing over backing tracks (you can definitely tell when it’s Dorian singing and when it’s just the instrumental. Part of me longs for some form of live musical accompaniment (even a goofy DJ that just stands there looking clutch), but the laws’ honest truth is that the best part of a Dorian Electra show is…the fans! The vast and colorful group of queers, gender fluid, and allies that surround my liege are all very welcoming, inspiring and fun people to dance with. I hope to see y’all there in March. I’ll be the 6’4″ sasquatch dressed like Sailor Mercury.

*laws’: an abbreviated form of “the physical laws of science’s”

I got permission to post a pic of my partner’s chest

Here is a brand new video, co-written with fans over Instagram Live

“You know I ain’t straight, but I’m a say it straight to you: I look you in the face every time I talk to you.”

-Dorian Electra

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