Music in the Kitchens of Bellingham Bay

Why is it that line cooks and dishwashers always listen to the deepest cuts? In almost every Bellingham kitchen I’ve worked in, there has been a constant mixtape of nearly every type of music (I don’t recall ever having to tell someone to turn off pop country, or Nickelback, but some people walk the line [Destiny Wormlight]). The amount of underground music, particularly the local stuff, that I hear on a daily basis almost justifies the rest of the madness. If anything, it accentuates the crazy. A song like “Our God Is An Awesome God”, or 60 minutes of sports sound effects can really confuse the crap out of servers and customers alike.

Today, after Calvin finished up his 4 hours of fringe death metal, I cycled through a bunch of Sunday Cypher albums that I hadn’t heard in a while. Starting with Triceracorn’s Porcelain, I ran the gamut through Wizdumb’s The Shadows, Hash X Kubes, WilNeverTell’s Devil May Care, and finished with the eponymous White Licorice album.

I’m the one who’s crying. Photo taken by Dan Trulson

Published by Knowhereman

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